Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Ever since I left my internship at Mayfair last week, I have had a thought that has grown every day until tonight, it hit a high point, and I must get this out. First, let us discuss the idea and principles of the terms: opaque, translucent, and transparent.
Opaque is something that one cannot see through, a solid that when seen, it is all that is seen, and whatever may be inside such an object, cannot be seen because the outside is, well, opaque.
Translucent is somewhat of the in between phase between opaque and transparent. It is somewhat see-through but no completely clear.
Transparent, is completely clear. It has no boundaries. The most perfect example of this is water. What if one were to describe a person as either opaque, translucent, or transparent? Consider those terms to be a boundary of ones emotions. Everyone has secrets. But how deep and dark are one's secrets? To hide what one might not others to see or know or find out, how far will one go? Does opaque describe you and your boundaries? Or are you just holding back some, putting up only somewhat of a boundary? That might nail you as translucent. Do you think you could describe yourself as a transparent being though? Ask yourself, "Am I as clear as water?" I seriously doubt anyone is really and truly transparent. Like I said, everyone has secrets. Entertain the thought of what it might mean to truly be a transparent being, to have literally no secrets, nothing to hide. To live a transparent lifestyle would mean to live as though everyone can see what you are doing at all times. To truly be an honest person. To not live one way around certain people, but then put on your "church face" for Sundays and Wednesdays. I speak to myself when I say this- what if we all lived transparent lives? How beautiful would that be? Not meaning that we come out with all the secrets we have, but to live a lifestyle that doesn't require us to have secrets. To not be opaque beings means to have no boundaries, to live a lifestyle that one would want everyone to see. If we live for God, we should live for Him not just when others see us, but when we are alone. A constant awareness of being see-through and not putting up any boundaries of the other type of life we may be living and not wanting any one else to see. Let us all live transparent lifestyles, so that we may not be called opaque or translucent. Let us live a lifestyle that we would want everyone to see, and not a lifestyle that we want some to see, but definitely not others.

Peace and Love from up above,


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