Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Since it is so close to Christmas, I would like to dedicate this blog to the holiday that celebrates the birth of Christ. Lately I have been thinking about something that really bothers me. Not that it can really be changed anytime soon, but it is definitely something to think about or take into consideration. Let's face it, the idea of Christmas doesn't revolve around what it should. In our modern day culture, Christmas has been celebrated for many years, based around trees, gifts, and the wonderful Santa Clause. I would probably guarantee that every child in America (of age) knows about Santa Clause and how he is what makes Christmas magical. Children know all about leaving milk and cookies out for him, waiting for him to come down the chimney on Christmas eve and give the presents that we have been longing for. I am not saying that the belief of Santa Clause and making Christmas special for your kids is a bad thing, I am just saying that maybe we have missed it. Maybe families around the U.S. have been focusing too much on what isn't as important as what the holiday is really celebrating - - The birth of our Savior. Perhaps there has been too much focus on Santa Clause and not enough on Jesus Christ. For some people, the holiday of December 25th should be called "Clausemas". I say we put the Christ back in Christmas. Having an equal level of the lies of Santa Clause (sorry, i know nobody wants to hear it but Santa Clause is a lie told to children to make Christmas more special. ) and Jesus Christ. The birth of Christ and it's holiday is one of my favorites, and I would much rather celebrate the birth of my savior rather than the existence of a jolly red suited man. Santa Clause is still a great way to make ones Christmas special, just be sure to never forget why it is called "Christmas" and not "Clausemas".

Peace and Love from up above,


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