Monday, April 12, 2010

Time. Volume 2.

Time cannot be talked about as a whole without God coming into the mix. C.S. Lewis talks about time in his unforgettable book, "Mere Christianity". I'll try to stick to my thoughts and not let his have an influence for the blogs sake. When I said everything has a beginning and an end earlier, I was saying that concerning the physical things of this universe. All we know, in existence, once started and will end: the galaxy, the universe, the stars, the sun, the moon, jupiter, mars, mercury, venus, people, air, dirt, animals, water, ipods, you get the point. Things that aren't truly in time will never perish: God and Love for instance. God and Love are actually the same thing, but we'll save that for another time. Concerning time with God in mind, He is not in it. Since God created time, He is the only being that is omnipresent. Key word- present. Remember how we talked about how the present isn't really there? That's because God is the present. He always has been and always will be. He was the God in every story of the Old Testament, the God when dinosaurs ruled the earth, the God who created all that we know, and the God who loves us more then we could ever comprehend. God is the only constant we have. God's presence should not go overlooked, even though it often is. We often think of God as being up in heaven, on the throne of His Kingdom. We usually don't think of God being right where we are, at all times. God is everywhere. In me, in you, around us. God is the air we breathe. In and out. He lives in all things at all times, but we don't think of Him that way. God is the only constant we have. Tim Tebow once said, "There are four things that will last forever: God, His word, people, and rewards." I speak to myself when I say this, that we need to stop treating God as if He is far away, up in Heaven, in His Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is here, and the Kingdom of God is now. God is the omnipresent being. God is the only constant we have.

Peace and Love from up above,


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